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TitleAbstract format for 2022 TMU conference

2022 International Conference on Cancer Research: Epigenetics, Immune Checkpoint, and Clinical Therapies




研討會摘要統一利用網路傳送電子檔案給 (請註明2022研討會論文摘要投稿)。研討會摘要繳交期限,為民國111510日前,逾期則不予受理。

請使用下表 (含基本資料共兩頁並以英文撰寫,全文請勿超過300字勿超過一頁,並含關鍵詞(不超過5)。英文打字規格為Single Space。本文與章節標題之間,請隔一行繕打。繕打時採用橫式,題目、作者、單位採置中對齊外,其他內文採左右對齊。每頁上、下、左、右邊各留2公分 ,如投稿摘要用紙所示。題目字體都為大寫、粗體,字體大小16號,內文字體大小11號。不同單位的作者標示請參考投稿摘要用紙所示。英文請使用Times New Roman Font字體。


Abstract Instruction

Please send your abstract by e-mail to (Please note abstract submission). Abstract submission will be closed on May. 10.

Please complete the information and abstract in the following table. The word limit for abstract is 300 words in one page, and the abstract should be typed single-spaced. The keyword is no more than five. The title of your abstract should be made in capital letter, bold face, and 16 point Times News Roman font. The author's name, author’s affiliation, and content should be made in 11 point Times News Roman font.




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