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2013 Taiwan Proteomics Society International Conference:
Recent Advances in Translational Medicine
Dear colleagues and friends,
We are most delighted to extend our warmest invitation to you to attend the upcoming
2013 international conference and annual meeting of Taiwan Proteomics Society (TPS) to be held on May 24-25, 2013 in Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan.
The main theme for the conference is to represent a world-class gathering and present in-depth discussions for proteomics and translational medicine. We believe that the plenary lectures and symposium presentations will be inspiring and fruitful for all participants as many world renowned experts to present their latest clinical and research findings. Furthermore, a poster session is also provided for new idea and expertise exchange. It will certainly be a wonderful opportunity for participants to exchange recent views and engage in discussions on all aspects of proteomics and related areas. We sincerely welcome your attendance and encourage you and your colleagues to submit scientific papers to the conference.
We welcome your participation to help ensure the success of the conference. With open arms and our warmest regards, we look forward to seeing you in Taipei in May,
Pao-Chi Liao
Wen-Chang Chang
Taiwan Proteomics Society
Preparatory committee of
Taipei Medical University

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Seminar Title2013 Taiwan Proteomics Society International Conference:
Recent Advances in Translational Medicine
Start Date2013-05-24 09:00:00
End Date2013-05-25 21:00:00
Contact Emaillu99@tmu.edu.tw
Reference linkhttp://event.tmu.edu.tw/actnews/index.php?Sn=457
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