Seminar Title2018 International Conference on Resilience Development and Innovation in Asia
Start Date2018-11-05 09:00:00
End Date2018-11-05 17:00:00
IntroductionSurprisingly, advances in technology and economic development have increased the intensity of the world’s hazards. Natural disasters, man-made disasters, financial mismanagement, and new IT threats, to name a few, appear more frequently and with increasing severity. Resilience, in many forms, has become an important topic within the fields that support disaster preparation and response. It brings many useful and usable ideas.rnrnResilience brings many useful ideas as it touches on a diversity of concepts, techniques and measures. Resilience is a continuing process to be integrated into all facets of life and organizations. It also highlights risks where sources of resilient performance can be lost or undermined as economic or other pressures dominate.rnrnThis conference brings together international experts in building resilient processes and organizations. They will present key ideas about how to build resilience, new threats from an increasingly complex world, and practical cases of resilience in action. The conference will provide information on how to build a more resilient organizations and infrastructures to cope with everyday surprises and sudden disasters.rn
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Sign-up Deadline2018-11-02 14:00:00
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