Seminar Title傳統醫藥之調查研究National Survey of the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Utilization
Start Date2022-05-25 10:00:00
End Date2022-05-25 12:00:00
Introduction時間Time:2022.05.25 (Wed)10:00~12:00rn地點Venue:講者Speaker:臺北市立大學衛生福利學系衛生福利學系rn 黎伊帆助理教授Yi-Fan Li Assistant Professorrn講座語言Lecture language:中文Chinesern※請至學術活動網報名並輸入e-mail,以利寄發IRB研習證明rnPlease scan the QR code on the right and enter your e-mail for receiving your IRB certificate.rn※報名截止05/22前,不開放現場報名rnDateline 05/22, not open for on-site registration.rn※請用報名EMAIL帳號登陸,請替換照片為大頭照,以利IRB學分查驗rnPlease use your registration email account to log in and use your headshot for IRB credit review.rn※請用你的中文全名呈現 Your display name is your full name
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