Seminar Title李枝新 教授|Frontier therapy for ARDS, the potential of stem cells
Start Date2024-05-15 10:00:00
End Date2024-05-15 12:00:00
IntroductionForum for Cell Therapy & Regenerative Medicine\r\n(細胞治療與再生醫學講座)\r\n\r\n10:00~12:00GMT+8)May 15thWed.) 2024\r\n113年 5月15日三) 10:00-12:00(臺北時間)\r\n\r\n僅開放實體會場|徐千田會議廳\r\n8F, Chien-Tien Hsu Memorial Hall, Comprehensive Medical Building (Rear Building), Xinyi campus\r\n\r\nFrontier therapy for ARDS, the potential of stem cells\r\n幹細胞治療的在ARDS治療的潛力\r\n\r\n\r\n現場敬備咖啡及茶點|\r\nsign up for free coffee and food,\r\n \r\nLanguage(主語言):English|英文\r\n\r\nCertificate(認證):\r\n1)2 Hours for“Staff Training & Development”(教職員發展2小時,申請中)\r\n2)2 hours for“Student Research & Learning Passport (學習護照2小時)\r\n\r\nContact Person:Mr. Ivan (溫載鉉 先生,Ext.:3117、GSM:5827)
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Sign-up Date2024-04-17 00:00:00
Sign-up Deadline2024-05-10 00:00:00
Seat Limit30
Signee Date17
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