Seminar TitleHow to Strengthen Your Submission to a Health Journal
Start Date2013-07-01 15:30:00
End Date2013-07-01 17:00:00
IntroductionTaiwan Evidence-Based Medicine Association (TEBMA) and Center for Evidence-Based Medicine, Taipei Medical University invite Dr. William Summerskill to share with researchers how to report papers in health journals. Dr. Summerskill is a full-time senior executive editor of The Lancet, which is one of most recognized medical journals in the world which every medical scientist wants to report their papers. Dr. Summerskill has engaged in peer review, fast track, comments, editorials and developing strategy along with the Lancet for the past few years. He received the degrees in literature, medicine and EBHC (Evidence-Based Health Care) from Princeton University, University of London and University of Oxford respectively. In his speech, Dr. Summerskill will describe what editors at The Lancet look for, explain factors that influence decisions of publication, show how submissions can be strengthened, and share his experiences and perspectives to encourage medical scientist to publish.
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